Our padel rackets tested by Giulia Pisano

Giulia Pisano, first level Padel instructor and no. 423 FIP, tested our Black Ace, Legend and Focus rackets.
Let’s find out how it went.

Hi Giulia, in addition to your first love for tennis, which started 12 years ago and continues with your participation in the Italian Series B championship, Padel has become your main goal of professional growth.
A first-level FIP instructor, you entered the rankings with the goal of being among the top 300 in the International Padel Federation and the top 50 in Italy by the end of 2024.

“Yes, that’s my goal this year. I am planning to participate in a series of Open, Slam, FIP tournaments around Italy and Europe, in addition to playing in Serie A with Lazio of Rome. I also have the desire to move for a period to Spain, a true reference point in terms of growth for any player, thanks to the presence of the best coaches and the most organized facilities in the world.”

You have just tested the new Black Ace, Legend and Focus. How did they perform on the court?

“First of all, I have to say that I am always happily surprised whenever I play with a ProKennex racket. I have always suffered from some wrist and shoulder discomfort, and I have to say that the Kinetic System always proves to be a great ally in this regard, able to guarantee the total absence of vibrations. Mine is a very aggressive game, always trying to push in every exchange so I feel the need to have a racquet in my hands that helps me a lot from the baseline. In this, both the Legend and the Black Ace are good alternatives. The Legend in rebound shots has an incredible response, which I have not found in any other racquet in the past. It can always transfer to me all the confidence I need. I would especially recommend it to right-side player who are looking for lots of spin in a racquet.
The new Black Ace, despite having a higher weight on paper than the Legend, is so well balanced that it feels like playing with a very light racket. In my opinion it is the perfect compromise between the softness of the Legend and the stiffness of a typically offensive racket like Focus. Concerning shot accuracy, it is unrivaled. It is a highly satisfying racket for all advanced players who like to give a lot of spin to their shots and take advantage of the rough plate, for the effects of the ball coming out.”

What can you tell us about the Focus?

“The Focus, as I said before, represents the classic attacking racket. It’s an ultra powerful racket and in my opinion it is the natural choice of left side field players used to using stiffer equipments. As instructor and player, however, I would like to give one piece of advice for those who are approaching Padel or want to upgrade their equipment: try rackets on the court, each of them has its own characteristics and playing attitudes, but each choice should always be personal.”