Flight Ovation


The new Flight series incorporates break-through innovations keeping ProKennex on the cutting edge of paddle performance. The Flight series features our new proprietary loud Cell™ core system which dramatically reduces paddle weight by increasing the size and space between each cell within the honeycomb core. Our graphite perimeter cap provides the strength and stability necessary to support this new, lightweight core, giving you performance without compromise.
Not only is the Flight series the lightest paddle we have produced, it also yields the most spin! All ProKennex face materials are proprietary and available only on our paddles and cannot be used by any other company. Our new lethal face material, called Diamond Frost™, coats the hitting surface with a compound uniquely capable of adding surface contact with the ball, which not only imparts more spin, but lasts longer than traditional surfaces so you can access more spin for a longer period of time.

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Monofilament strings

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Monofilament strings

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