After its great success in the United States, Pickleball is having a big spread and notoriety in Europe as well.
The recreational aspect is certainly one of the features of its success: whether played in pairs or played in singles, it is a rewarding, fun and inclusive sport, capable of involving players of all ages, without a great impact on the athletes’ physique.

Pickleball is the most accessible racquet sport ever. It stimulates coordination, reflexes and attention, and is proven to have an excellent impact on cardiovascular activity. Most importantly you learn to play Pickleball and have fun right away.

For those who are approaching the sport for the first time, or have already gained some confidence on the court, let’s see which rackets may be best suited for each level and attitude of play.


Pickleball rackets have weights that normally range from 210 g. to 250 g.
Lighter weights are ideal for players who want a very maneuverable racquet. They are usually the most popular racquets for players who want a good compromise between responsiveness and power. It’s the frequent choice of beginners starting to play their first dink shots.
A racket with a heavier weight is often a good choice for the offensive players. Shot power and good smash performance are the main features of racquets usually recommended for experienced players who want to reach a higher level.

Plate coating

Pickleball rackets are coated with different composite materials such as fiberglass, graphite, and carbon fiber. The choice of coating greatly affects the style of play.
Fiberglass imparts great force and speed to the ball. Graphite is a material that provides full control in the racquet, while carbon fiber is extremely durable and it represents a good compromise between power, control and maneuverability.

The core

The racquet core can be made of polymer, aluminum or nomex. They have different qualities in terms of control, power and quietness. Polymer is the most versatile choice; nomex gives the racquet greater stiffness and more power to the outgoing strokes.

Frame shape

Frame shape and handle length also have a great impact on playing style, sweet spot and maneuverability: more elongated frames are built to increase the power of strokes by reducing the sweet spot (the optimal hitting point), while enlarged shapes facilitate ball impact (by having a larger sweet spot) while reducing power. If you are a beginner, the classic rectangular shape is definitely the best fit in terms of power and maneuverability.


A longer handle allows more rotation of the racquet and generates more power. More advanced players use these racquets to play two-handed backhand shots.

Now that you have mastered the basics and main features of Pickleball rackets, come and discover our models to find the racquet that best suits your playing style. All of our racquets feature the advanced Kinetic System technology, designed to eliminate any vibration at the handle and ensure a maximum power playing experience.