On the field with Krystyna Pochtovyk and her ProKennex Q+Tour

Krystyna Pochtovyk, 25 years old – best ranking nr. 180 ITF

When did you start playing tennis and competing at a high level with ProKennex racquets?

Tennis was, along with dance, my first love as early as the age of five. From there on I can say that I played tennis every day. I started the first tournaments in the Tennis Europe circuit, Open tournaments and team tournaments since I was 16 years old. In the covid period then things got complicated for the whole tennis movement in general but fortunately, when the pandemic was over, I went back to the international circuits assiduously and today I can say I have a good continuity of play.
I started playing with a ProKennex racquet when I was 18, right after I finished high school. My teacher made me test several models and, among them, the Q+Tour. I still remember the exact moment I tried the first service on court, I knew right away that it was my racquet.

What is your feeling on the court with the ProKennex Q+Tour?

I have been playing and training with the Q+Tour for seven years. It is a racquet that for power and stability is unmatched. Right from the serve you can tell it is a deadly weapon. For an aggressive backcourt game like mine, I consider it a racquet that can ensure so much satisfaction. When I play from distance, I can always lift and impart a lot of speed to the ball without ever struggling. I find it extremely satisfying and easy to handle even in the most complicated situations. With my Q+Tour I am able to gain a lot of meters of playing field and pushing the ball deep into the court hard. It is a racquet I would recommend to an attacking player who, like me, gives his opponent no respite throughout the match, putting him on the ropes with fast and precise trajectories.

Yours is a very aggressive playing style. In terms of arm comfort, how do you rate the performance of the Q+Tour?

Fortunately, I have never suffered any arm injuries or discomfort in my career, perhaps partly because I have been playing with the Q+Tour for so long and the Kinetic System technology (which is present in the racquet frame) has helped me a lot to avoid any injuries. The Kinetic System is also a great shield that can counteract the issue of constantly changing balls in tournaments, from hard balls to soft balls and vice versa. Many of the injuries that athletes suffer in the elbow are caused by this very issue. An open and debated topic within the entire circuit.

What are your goals in the short and medium term?

I recently returned from Antalya, Turkey, where I played 35K and 15K tournaments winning the Wild Card with 6 wins in a row, then losing in the third round. My current goal, as I said earlier, is continuity to play. Only in this way I can gain more and more confidence on court and also aspire to climb the international rankings. I have always been a fighter and I believe a lot in perseverance and hard work. For 2024, I have set a goal to enter the top 500. In Italy, in the meantime, I will continue to play the Serie B with my team at Circolo del Tennis in Florence.