New Tour Bag series. Style and practicality, on the court and off

Whether it’s a bag or a backpack, the new Tour Bag Series from ProKennex for Tennis, Racquetball and Pickleball are designed to meet all your needs for organisation, practicality, convenience and transportability. For our new collection we researched advanced materials to ensure resistance and durability in any situation and any atmospheric conditions. Our creative department worked to develop a unique style in line with the history of our brand, which has always been a blend of classic and modern. New textures and redesigned spaces for maximum protection of any type of equipment, improved ergonomics for superior comfort and practicality both on and off the court, the new Tour Bags from ProKennex are born to meet the needs of the most demanding tennis, racquetball and pickleball players.


The FODERO TRIPLE TOUR and the FODERO DOUBLE TOUR are the ideal choice for carrying 6-12 racquets. Both bags feature a compartment with Thermo Tech technology to protect racquets from temperature fluctuations at any time of year and a special zipped section to hold and insulate shoes and damp clothing after a match or training session. The Triple model has two more sections, and the Double one, plus a large main compartment. Both bags are completed by two handy extra pockets for personal items. The bag can be also be used as a backpack, thanks to the padded and easily adjustable shoulder straps


For anyone who travels on two wheels or prefers the convenience of carrying their own kit without sacrificing comfort, the ergonomic back panel and easily adjusted padded shoulder straps of the MAXI ZAINO TOUR and ZAINO TOUR are the perfect solution. The Tour Long Pack model stands out for its size and for the inclusion of a Thermo Tech compartment that can contain and protect two racquets from temperature fluctuations, plus a spacious central section for other equipment and safe storage of a laptop or tablet, and a large front pocket.
The Tour Back Pack backpack features a large padded central section for carrying two racquets and, like the larger model, a protective pocket for your device. Both models have a ventilated zipped section at the base to hold damp clothing and shoes.


Designed to be the ideal companions for players of Racquetball or Pickleball, the SPORT TOUR BAG and the TOUR PADEL THERMO BAG meet the different practical needs of the two sports. With their different designs, the Sport Tour and the Tour Padel can carry five to seven Racquetball or Pickleball racquets respectively. Both models feature a special side section to protect racquets from temperature fluctuations at any time of year, a zipped bag for damp clothing and shoes and comfortable padded shoulder straps which allow the bag to be used as a practical backpack for urban use or travel by bike.


The compact TOUR CASE BAG is a practical and essential travel accessory designed to carry shoes and all the small items we want to keep organised. It’s perfect to be placed inside any bag or backpack.

To create the new Tour Bag Series, we conceived and designed every bag to be the perfect solution, in terms of size and function, to the different needs of each player, from professional to amateur. Read more about all the models in the series, or head to one of our branches or distributors to choose the model that’s right for you or get advice from an expert. The new season has started, get ready to hit the court and make a difference.