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We have never stopped designing the future of tennis.
Ever since 1976, we have been inspired by evolution, going beyond the state of the art and improving the value of your performance, thanks to new technologies.

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When the opening movement is performed with the Kinetic racquet, the Kinetic Mass microspheres contained in the capsules inserted inside the frame are charged with kinetic energy. When the ball hits the strings, it becomes compressed and the strings bend. The speed of the ball is nullified. The strings and the ball are now charged to the maximum. The flexibility of the frame and the forward swing of the shot determine the acceleration of the ball, which can be calculated by using the following formula:

Kinetic Energy = 1/2M(V2)

power zone di una racchetta comune
Power zone
with a common racket
power zone con kinetic system
Power zone
with Kinetic System

The sum of the hitting speed, the energy released by the strings and the decompression of the ball determine the output speed of the ball. In the Kinetic racquet, the energy released by the Kinetic Mass contained in the capsules is also added to that output speed.

Step 1: the capsules charging energyBEFORE HITTING THE BALL
Step 2: ball hitting the strings, and capsules is fully chargedWHILE HITTING THE BALL
Step 3: kinetic mass releases energy and while moving, disperses the vibrations of the blowAFTER HITTING THE BALL
This increase in added mass increases the usable area of the stringbed, facilitating the success of a good shot.


Do you know what your arm feels after you have hit the ball? The “return” of the vibrations. The Kinetic System completely eliminates all these sensations. Once the ball leaves the racquet strings, the Kinetic mass microspheres move, using all the energy left in the frame. You will notice a pleasant feeling of comfort while playing and a drastic reduction in fatigue and in stress in your arm, with an increase in the precision and power of your game. Immediately after the ball leaves the racquet strings, flexibility is activated.



The Kinetic System increases the percentage of well-played shots, freeing you from the worry of having to hit the ball with the centre of the racquet only. When the Kinetic capsules release their energy to the frame, the entire stringbed becomes stable and your shot will be more precise and powerful even if you do not hit the ball in the centre.

area di efficienza con una comune racchetta
Efficiency area
with a common racket
area di efficienza con il Kinetic System
Efficiency area
with Kinetic System

The transfer of Kinetic Mass energy determines the efficiency area. The Kinetic system makes the entire stringbed of the racquet homogeneous, making off-centre hits effective too, because it cancels the twisting of the frame and optimises the direction of the ball. By hitting the ball in the centre of the sweet spot, the power is truly extraordinary.

logo ionic

Prokennex puts turbo-power into the Kinetic System with the use of Jetron: Ionic Technology is born. The Kinetic mass contained within the capsules in static conditions (stationary racket) have an equal number of positive and negative charges that produce a stable electrical environment. When the racquet is moved, the Kinetic mass and the capsule walls are charged with electrostatic energy. These charges exert great forces (like powerful magnets) on the Kinetic mass, which repel each other, attract each other or cling to the capsule walls. This situation reduces the potential of the Kinetic System.

Grafico delle prestazioni Ionic System

icona Ionic System

ProKennex’s JonicTM technology has found a solution for eliminating electrostatic charges. Through Ionic technology, a process that uses static eliminators (called ionizers), electrostatic charges are neutralised. These anti-shock ionizers are induced to produce a large quantity of negative and positive ions. The surfaces charged with electrostatic energy attract the appropriate number of positive or negative ions from the ionizers to themselves, in order to thus become electrically stable. Result: Complete possibility of movement of the Kinetic mass inside the capsules with an increase of over 56% of the efficiency of the kinetic system.

Grafico comparativo delle prestazioni Ionic System


Kinetic Damping Chamber by ProKennex uses "Mass Displacement" to reduce the residual vibration resulting from the energy of the shock caused when the ball hits the racquet. This anti-vibration system significantly reduces hand and forearm fatigue and quickly stabilizes the frame in its original state. The system consists of a cylinder, perfectly modelled on the body of the frame, filled with inelastic microspheres and integrated into each grip. When the oscillations of the frame reach the chamber, the balls disperse the vibrations through movement and friction. The technical name for this process is Non-Obstructive Damping Technique, or NOPD. While the Kinetic System increases the performance of the frame, through the "energy transfer" more efficient in tennis, the harmful vibrations that escape the Kinetic System itself are swallowed later by the Kinetic Damping Chamber before reaching the hand. Kinetic technology is an energy management system designed to increase stroke performance and, at the same time, protect the arm from harmful forces leading to injury. The technical name for this process is Non-Obstructive Damping Technique, or NOPD. While the Kinetic System increases the performance of the frame, through the most efficient "energy transfer" in tennis, the harmful vibrations that escape the same Kinetic System are swallowed up later on by the Kinetic Damping Chamber before reaching the hand. Kinetic technology is an energy management system designed to increase hitting performance and, at the same time, protect the arm from harmful forces that lead to injury.

Kinetic Damping Chamber
icona Quad Focus

The latest development of the Kinetic System, the Quadfocus system, rethinks the application of Newtonian physics, by studying new Kinetic Energy Chambers and moving them to the Four Corners of the frame. This moves the cameras away from the most stable area of the frame to the most vulnerable, focusing the energy more effectively. Because the Kinetic technology is based on a system that works with precise timing (like the pistons in an engine), the Quadfocus design makes it possible to position the Kinetic Energy Chambers in the most effective position. The speed of the frame head is much higher and this creates a virtual square in the oval of the racquet, generating a greater sweet spot than a conventional single-mass racquet. The most evident advantage is felt when hitting the ball off-centre, especially in the 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock positions.

schema di assorbimento delle vibrazioni della palla

The new Q PLUS series with 25% more kinetic energy


schema di assorbimento delle vibrazioni della palla
Prokennex creates the new mixture of ProKennex Spiral Tech Carbon materials, the evolution of Graphite. It is a unique blend of Spiral Tech graphite layers and High ModulGra te Normaleus graphite that is applied to get the best performance from the frame. The Spiral Tech graphite guarantees exceptional absorption qualities to maximize the playability of the frame, while the High Modulus Graphite STC graphite provides the necessary solidity and power. Traditional graphite has space between the layers. In Spiral Tech Carbon, the different graphite modules adhere completely, combining with Nano Epoxy, which guarantee absolute power, playability and control.